Wk 3 – Art Experience – Snapchat

When I found out about this art activity, I was so excited!  Snapchat is my overall favorite app for social media.  The reason I enjoy Snapchat is the fact that you get to take a picture or video in an instant.  The app is so unique because it has different filters, Geo-tags, and also you can draw things in and add emoji’s to your picture or video.  My classmates and I both got creative when using our inner artist when Snapchatting.  The first two pictures are the Snapchats that I drew, which were a group of students looking cool, getting ready for class. The second picture was a car parked in the drive way on a beautiful night.  The third Snapchat picture is from my classmate Andrew Andrade in which it has a star and swirl draw. Last but not least, the fourth Snapchat is from my classmate Sam Tan.  Sam was being really creative and drew a Koala on a tree.  I enjoyed this art experience so much because I love to get creative on Snapchat.

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