Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramic, Wood, Steel, Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: www.cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: samueljenri

About the Artist

As a teen, Samuel Jernigan lived in the Bay Area, but is from central California.  Samuel is known for his ceramic art work and has started working with clay in 2000.  He decided to take a break from clay in 2006 and decided to go back to school, in which influenced him to ceramics again.  Samuel recently graduated from California State University Long Beach in the fall of 2015 and is a graduate student in the BFA Ceramics program.  In addition, Samuel is planning on attending UCLA, so he can achieve his masters in Ceramics.


Formal Analysis 

As you can see in Samuel’s art work, most of his pieces were painted and ginormous.  All of Samuel’s art work was made of clay and it took him about four months to complete all of his art work.  The ceramic sculptures were very detailed and extremely smooth.  The colors used in his exhibition helped brightened the mood of the gallery.


Content Analysis

All of Samuel’s artwork is inspired by Toys and his awkward feelings. The ideas that Samuel explores is alienation and belonging.  When it comes to titling his artwork, Samuel likes to come up with a name that will make him laugh.  Samuel has a close relationship with each of his pieces of artwork.  For example, Samuel claimed that he had a funny relationship with his fish sculpture.  At the time,  Samuel was feeling depressed when working on his fish piece.  Every time Samuel would look at the fish while tightening it, the fish would look back with a smile.


Synthesis / Experience

Once I walked into the art exhibition, I was suddenly amused by the big ceramic sculptures.  The sculptures were very detailed and I was able to relate with the mood given.  The longer I was in the gallery, the more joy it brought to me seeing all sort of childhood memory related sculptures.  There were so many colors, it instantly catches your attention once you walk in.  One of my favorite sculptures was the fish, because growing up I would watch Cat In The Hat.  Easily, I was able to relate with that art piece.  The artist did an excellent job on accomplishing this exhibition.




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