Hi my name is Cosmo.  I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in California.  Growing up, my father has always wanted me to become an evil scientist, but that never really interested me.  On my free time, I would secretly watch tutorial videos on how to fight.  One day, I came across a video of a UFC match and that really interested me.  I wanted to tell my dad that I want to be a UFC fighter, but he will just disagree. For about a two years, I have been fighting behind my dads back and I decide to tell him.  My dad overreacts and is angry that I have been hiding things behind his back and that I don’t want to be a scientist.  In that instant, my father was holding a pen and I was confused on why he was pointing it at me.  My father presses a button on the pen and a laser shoots out, teleporting me on to Moonbase Alpha.

I love it here at Moonbase Alpha because everything is futuristic.  Also, I can do whatever I want.  I am currently trying to pursue my dream in becoming a professional UFC fighter.  I work at a part time grocery store.  My boss has warned me to behave, if not I will get fired.  The reason why my boss tells me to behave because every time it comes to me stocking the banana’s, I end up eating them.  I love Banana’s!!!  There also have been cases where I fight customers who I happen to accuse them of stealing, but in reality they aren’t.  Here in Moonbase Alpha, you are guaranteed to achieve your dreams if you work hard for it.  Everyday, I practice my fighting and compete on the weekends.  Within months, I will fight my first professional match.

You should check out and see what my friends are up to:

Queen Phutaaa:


Raven HufflePuff:





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