Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

For this week’s art experience, the class and I got to go to the library.  I really don’t go to the library, so I thought this would be cool to have an art activity taking place there.  I really enjoyed reading the children’s book and sharing with one another.  When the class and I were all at the computer lab waiting area, I noticed how people who weren’t in the class kept staring.  I felt like we were bothering them and not following typical library rules of being quiet because we all were being loud.  After, we all went to the bookstore and I immediately went to look at the sweatshirts.  Others in the class also were looking at the clothes and accessories in the bookstore, while some of us went upstairs where the electronic stuff is at.

I enjoyed not taking pictures in the library because I didn’t have to worry about what I would need to take a picture of.  Not taking pictures makes you feel relax and enjoy the activity.  Words and pictures do capture an experience.  If you write in words, I feel that the experience is more descriptive and an image mainly portrays on your experience and surroundings.  A way to share your experience with someone who is not present is by video chatting them during the experience.  The differences between the bookstore and the library was that in the bookstore, you get to be yourself and people won’t awkwardly look at you.  In the library, your sort of required to be quiet because others around you are quiet as well.  My overall experience was fun and I realized the differences between the library and bookstore.  People act a certain way  when they are in those surroundings.



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