Wk 12 – Art Experience – Game Design – Geocaching

This art experience geocaching was fun and exciting.  The first spot that I went to was at the park and I sadly couldn’t find the geocache.  I decided to try a spot that was located by Lakewood mall.  It took my girlfriend and I about 10 min to find the geocache.  I was so amused when I found the Altoids can and saw all the unique things inside it.  I realized that certain areas where geocaches are located have different difficulties.  In order to find those geocaches, you need to solve some sort of puzzle.  In area that is big and involves a lot of trees and grass like a park makes it difficult for the person to find the cache.  While as if it is by a mall, the geocache can sometimes be visible.  I feel that you can map feelings and emotions onto the geography of a place because that place most likely has some sort of meaning to that person.  The trinkets in the Altoids can resembles about each person and their journey.  We all have our own secret places, using the GPS allows one another share our secret.  The trinkets I put in my Altoids container resembled fun and adventure.

*Hint: It is located by Mayfair park pool side.























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