Wk 13 – Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford

Exhibition Information

Artist: Nick Bamford


Media: Found Objects, Ceramics, Foam

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instagram: @nickbamf4d

About the Artist

Nick Bamford is an undergraduate at California State University of Long Beach.  Nick is currently a senior planning on getting his BFA in the Ceramics program.  Huntington Beach is where Nick is from and also where he discovered his passion for art.  In High School, Nick took a ceramics class and it interested him when he began to make many sculptures.  Nick enjoys experimenting with his art work and letting things flow.  Most of his time is spent working with art, but besides art Nick enjoys playing the guitar.

Formal Analysis

The art work that Nick had displayed was really interesting and creative.  When I first saw his art work, the lights automatically caught my attention.  There were different colored lights such as purple, blue, orange, green, and pink on the sculptures.  Also, the sculptures had different random things on them such as a bell, birdcage, and even a skull.  His art work ranged from different shapes, sizes, and positions that it was angled.

Content Analysis

In Nick’s art work, his idea is to put different random things together and just be creative with it.  Nick enjoys experimenting with his art work and trying new things.  We focuses on making his art work different from other artists and also uses personal items in his sculptures.  Nick did not get an inspiration from his art work, he just is being unique by using his creativity.

Synthesis / My Experience

Nick’s art work was amusing and I enjoyed witnessing it.  I think its cool how Nick isn’t afraid to be creative and different compared to other artists.  As well as Nick, I sometimes like to try new things and step out of my comfort zone.  In life it is okay to be different and to step out of your comfort zone.


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