Wk 14 – Art Experience Feedback

My three favorite activities:   

  1.  My first favorite activity was plaster casting.  This was my favorite activity because not only did this activity take place at the beach, but also it was something that I have never done before.  It was fun and I think everyone should have the chance to plaster casting.
  2. My second favorite art activity was graffiti writing.  This was a cool and fun experience because I had the chance working with spray paint.  I have always wanted to use spray cans and this class gave me a reason to finally use them.
  3. My third favorite art activity was game design – geocaching.  This was my first time knowing and ever using geocache. The experience was fun and it made me feel like a kid again going on a scavenger hunt.  It’s cool how people from all over geocache and trade trinkets.

My three least favorite activities:

  1. The cuisine activity was difficult for me at first.  I’m not really creative when it comes to making food so I had difficulties.  Also, I was confused on what I would do.  However, I successfully was able to complete this activity.
  2. I didn’t enjoy the moonbase alpha  art activity.  I had difficulties linking my website with other people who I had in relation with my character.  Also, I wasn’t sure other people from my class were going to link me on their website.
  3. Lastly, I did’t like the Instagram activity.  I usually post certain things on my Instagram.  Taking pictures of what I did throughout my day was a bit unusual for me.  Also, I don’t really like posting pictures consecutively in a day.

Other feedback on the class:

This class was my favorite class this semester.  Not only was the class easy and fun, but there were many opportunities to earn lots of extra credit.  I always looked forward coming to this class because each week we did a different art experience that was both interesting and new to me.  There wasn’t a heavy work load, so you didn’t need to feel stressed in this class and you weren’t criticized for your work.

What can make this class better? :

I feel that the professor is doing an excellent job and should not change anything about the class.  This was a fun GE course and you get to try many art activities. I will definitely recommend this class to people I know who are interested in taking an art class.






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