Wk 10 – Classmate Conversation – Greg Plantenga


This week for my classmate conversation, I got to meet Greg.  Greg is a second year marketing major at CSULB.  He is from the Bay Area and enjoys his stay in Long Beach.  Greg had a terrible experience his first year of dorming and he unfortunately lost weight due to the way the it was to have access to food.  For most of Greg’s life, he played football and basketball.  As of today, Greg plays for an internal basketball.  One thing that Greg enjoys is going to the beach.  If Greg had the choice of either Vans or Chucks, he would choose Chucks.

Greg’s Website: www.cashmoney2016.wordpress.com/





Wk 9 – Artist Conversation -Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition Information

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media:Metal, Copper and Silver

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: No Website

Instagram: No Instagram

About Artist

Sean Joy Cabanig is an undergraduate student at California State University Long Beach.  Sean is working for her BFA in metals at CSULB.  Sean is from Los Angeles, but is currently staying in Long Beach.  Sean currently works at a studio, aside from school.  Ever since she was a kid, she has been doing art.  Sean has been working with metal for about four years.  Her interests are gaming, cats, and enjoys reading. Sean loves working with metal.  It can take her days, weeks, or months to finish a piece.

Formal Analysis

In Sean’s artwork, each piece reflects either her mood, thoughts, or even her environment.  Each piece of art work is shaped differently and has different colors.  The necklace piece has a round bronze ball and gold attached to it.  The necklace piece is smooth and the gold is sphere shaped.  Most of Sean’s artwork is jewelry and hand sized.  Sean’s work is very detailed and eye catching.

Content Analysis

Sean’s work is based on her  inspiration of environment, foods, and experimentation.  The finger brace piece is one of her favorite works and it is based after Forest Gump.  At first, Sean started off the finger brace as a paper model.  Once she has her idea down, the paper model is the constructed into a copper model.  Sean encourages people to push hard in what they want to accomplish.  Each time you push harder, one should strive for better.

Synthesis / My Experience

This week, I enjoyed seeing Sean’s artwork.  Two of my favorite pieces were the finger brace and the piece with the bullet rounds.  I realized from Sean’s artwork was that if you want to accomplish something, you simply can’t just dream about it.  You have to go and do it and work hard.  Overall, I enjoyed the metal work in the exhibition and I would recommend to go see the finger brace piece.

Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Adilene Leon


This week, I got to meet Adilene.  She is from Huntington Beach and commutes to school.  Adilene is a first year at CSULB and is undeclared.  Adilene enjoys many things such as kayaking, sailing, canoeing, swimming, and loves to dance to cumbias/ Mexican music.  Whenever she goes to the beach, she likes to enjoy watching the sunset.  Adilene has been working at a part time job, ever since she was thirteen years old.  She loves to watch movies, except doesn’t prefer to watch scary movies.  When it comes to music, she loves listening to J Cole.  In the future she plans to travel because the only place she has been to is Mexico.

Adilene’s Website:


Hi my name is Cosmo.  I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in California.  Growing up, my father has always wanted me to become an evil scientist, but that never really interested me.  On my free time, I would secretly watch tutorial videos on how to fight.  One day, I came across a video of a UFC match and that really interested me.  I wanted to tell my dad that I want to be a UFC fighter, but he will just disagree. For about a two years, I have been fighting behind my dads back and I decide to tell him.  My dad overreacts and is angry that I have been hiding things behind his back and that I don’t want to be a scientist.  In that instant, my father was holding a pen and I was confused on why he was pointing it at me.  My father presses a button on the pen and a laser shoots out, teleporting me on to Moonbase Alpha.

I love it here at Moonbase Alpha because everything is futuristic.  Also, I can do whatever I want.  I am currently trying to pursue my dream in becoming a professional UFC fighter.  I work at a part time grocery store.  My boss has warned me to behave, if not I will get fired.  The reason why my boss tells me to behave because every time it comes to me stocking the banana’s, I end up eating them.  I love Banana’s!!!  There also have been cases where I fight customers who I happen to accuse them of stealing, but in reality they aren’t.  Here in Moonbase Alpha, you are guaranteed to achieve your dreams if you work hard for it.  Everyday, I practice my fighting and compete on the weekends.  Within months, I will fight my first professional match.

You should check out and see what my friends are up to:

Queen Phutaaa: https://adileneleon.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/phutaaa/

Aurora: https://elizabethmoledo.wordpress.com/2016/03/15/aurora/

Raven HufflePuff: https://jamiefilosa.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/wk9-art-experience-moonbase-alpha-raven-hufflepuff/




Wk 8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

For this weeks art experience, the class and I were assigned to do automatic drawing.  For my automatic drawing, my girlfriend was my partner.  We decided to use different colored pens, so our drawing won’t look plain.  My girlfriend and I used board games as our surface for the big white piece of paper and we had the lights off.  At first we were a bit confused and kept laughing because the pen would not move.  We decided to relax and within time, we started to draw.  This experience was fun because my girlfriend and I got some good laughs out of this art experience. The use of different colors made the drawing kind of look like an out of place rubber band ball.  I would recommend this to someone wanting to try a new relaxing drawing experience.


Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy

Exhibition Information 

Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Printmaking and Screen prints

Gallery: CSULB Gallery School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instagram: bri.joy

About the Artist

Bri Joy is an undergraduate student at California State University Long Beach.  Bri plans on getting her BFA in printmaking.  Bri has been in the print working program for three years and this is her last year.  Bri is from Modjeska Canyon, California.  There is a lot of wild life and a diversity of people from where Bri grew up at.  Some of Bri’s hoobies are skateboarding, hiking, and snowboarding.  Bri enjoys traveling and wants to travel to so many unique and beautiful places.  Bri explores her past and present in her artwork and this focuses on the person she has become.

Formal Analysis

In Bri’s art work, it looks digital and there are many lines.  Her artwork is consists of black and white colors.  There are curves, dots and patterns in her art work as if there is a hidden message behind each piece.  On of Bri’s favorite pieces is the her work that was in the very back left.  Bri enjoys the line consistency that she used.  Bri said that using black ink creates value.  From a distance she sees shades of grey, manipulating the eye.

Content Analysis

The meaning of her exhibition merge, is about her past and present coming together.  Growing up.  Bri lived in a small town and now she lives in an area with a way more diverse and cultural population.  Her art express the new and different experiences that she goes through.  Her art work reflects the person she has become and the many changes shes been thorough.

Synthesis / My Experience

My life experience resonates here because growing up I used to live in a ghetto, so I know the different changes there is from where I live now.  I now appreciate things and view them differently.  Bri is a talented artist and she seems passionate about her work.  Her art work is definitely something that I have not seen before and I recommend for people to check her work out.


Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Eli Yee


For this week’s classmate conversation I got to meet Eli Yee.  Eli is a sophomore at CSULB and is studying in fashion merchandising.  On Eli’s free time, he enjoys to paint, draw and long board.  If Eli could do anything, he would just paint and draw.  During his first year at CSULB, Eli and his friends were staying in the dorms.  Eli is from Fresno and is asian and half white.  During high school, he played soccer, cross country, and track.  Eli’s fastest mile time was five minutes.  The music that Eli enjoys listening to is hip hop and indi music.  Eli is a health freak, he prepares and shops for his food, he prefers his food to be organic.  Eli worked at Zumiez for about six months.  One interesting fact about Eli is that he took a french class in high school.

Eli’s Website: www.eliyee.wordpress.com  

Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition Information

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Final Sacrifice, Womanhood, Religion

Media: Ceramic, Cement, Rock Clay

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website:  www.mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com

Instagram: andreawilliammms

About the Artist

Andrea Lauren Williams is currently an undergraduate student in BA Ceramics at California State University Long Beach.  Andrea is expecting to graduate this semester.  Andrea is a mother to her nine month old daughter and is expecting  to have her other child.  Also, Andrea is married and her husband motivated her into pursing in art.  Growing up, Andrea was influenced by art and music when she would be around her family.  Andrea was in a band and has two pets, a dog and chicken.

Formal Analysis 

When I first saw Andrea’s art work I was amazed by her sculptures.  Her art work was life sized and there was a lot of detail.  Andrea used clay, cement and ceramic in her work.  The texture that her work had was bumpy and rough.  Andrea wanted to make her artwork look rough instead of it being smooth. The colors that her art work had were white, brown, red, and grey.  Her artwork explores and expresses the woman’s body.

Content Analysis

In her art work, Andrea focuses on the texture.  Andrea expresses a lot of sacrifice and religion in a woman.  Growing up, religion was always a part of her, in which she uses in her work. The work features Christianity and Motherhood.  Andrea got the idea of her art work once she became a mother.  Her exhibition has a religious twist to it because it explores the sacrifice of faith and the sacrifice that a woman goes through.  Andrea has infant body parts in her art work, so that it can reflect the time when she raised her child.

Synthesis / My Experience

I enjoyed how Andrea used religion in her work.  The way she used the idea of religion and motherhood in her work was unique.  I realized how a woman sacrifices so much and how it is unnoticed.  During motherhood, her artwork shows how powerful a woman’s body is and I liked how her work relates to her motherhood.  I would definitely like to see more of Andrea’s art work.







Wk 7 – Classmate Conversation – Carlos Madrigal

This week I was able to meet Carlos Madrigal.  Carlos is a second year, majoring in Economics. He went to Gahr high school in Cerritos, California.  He graduated in 2014.  One thing that Carlos has a passion for, is his love of playing music.  He knows how to play a variety of instruments ranging from the clarinet, ltrombone, piano, and even the guitar. Carlos participated in drum line from grade seven through senior year of high school.  Carlos has a part time job at a middle school, teaching music.  Carlos is a very talented musician.

Carlos’ Link: www.itsonlymemarvin.wordpress.com 


Wk 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

My photo walk leader was Joshua Hyun and he did an excellent job, showing our group around the campus.  The places we decided to go to, were the ones that are known to see on campus.  My photos were based on the places that Joshua took us to.  It was very insightful how Joshua provided information at every place we went to.  I mainly wanted to go see the Japanese Garden because I never knew where it was located it and have been dying to see it.  Once I walked into the garden, I was amazed because everything looked nice and beautiful.  My overall photo walk experience was great because now I have a better feel of the campus and I got to see all the cool places that the campus has. I would not change anything about my walk because it was fun and went well.