Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition Information

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil Paint, Pastel, Wood Carving, Prints, Water based materials

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: www.helenwernercox.com

Instagram: No Instagram

About the Artist

This week, I had the chance to meet with Helen Werner Cox. Helen was born and raised from Ithaca in New York.  Helen is currently a graduate student at California State University Long Beach and is in the MFA drawing and painting figurative.  On her free time, Helen loves gardening, puzzles, and enjoys reading fiction and mystery books.  An interesting fact about Helen is that she taught at a high school in Boston.  Helen later moved and worked with middle schooler’s in Long Beach.

Formal Analysis

Helen’s art work ranges from light colors to dark colors.  Most of her art work is huge and has geometric shapes. The colors in her art work is blue, green, orange, yellow and red, black, and white.  Helen puts much detail into her work.  There are many colors mixing together creating a shade to make the horses stand out.  In one of Helen’s paintings, she uses a light creamy color over the horse to create an illusion of another horse.  The sculpture that Helen created was smooth and the tail was realistic.

Content Analysis

Chaos is the idea in Helen’s art work.  The carousel is used to represent how society makes mistakes over and over again. She feels that society isn’t going anywhere.  Helen has been channeling her anxiety and fear in her artwork.  Helen’s first idea of her merry go round was with people.  Later in her work, she decided to uses horses because they make her ideas seem powerful.

Synthesis / My Experience

Overall, I enjoyed Helen’s art works and it made me realized as a society, we can compare to a carousel.  I have come across times in my life where I feel like I keep making the same mistakes or there is no change.  My favorite piece was the photo below with Helen in it because it resembles her theme.  I recommend people to check out Helen’s art work, she is very creative and puts lots of detail, you will not be disappointed.